Products Range

SM mission aspires to be a global business partner in precision sheet metal stamping, welded assemblies, tool design & development by 2014.

We offer wide range of automotive & engineering sector components. Some of our key products are as follows:-

Sr. No. Part Name Sub Parts Remarks
Automotive Power Train
A) CR & HR components- Clutch housing, Disc & Carrier plate , Covers, Fulcrum ring, Forged Hub (piercing & shaving), Lever

B) Spring steel components- Belleville washer, Return clip, Wave washer, Straps, Cushion element, Segment 12", Fulcrum ring, Cushioning plate
A) Accuracy in ring seat height & flatness- Within 0.1mm

B) Maximum load carrying capacity(Spring steel)

- Specialization in achieving & maintaining Cpk for critical parameters
A) CB kit bracket assemblies parts - Enginio ring, Bearing retainer, Brackets, Flinger, Rubber retainer, Inner & outers, Bottom plate

B) Forged flange yoke ( piercing) & Sheet metal end yoke, clamp
A) Specialization in maintaining ovality within 0.2 mm

B) Sheet metal end yoke -perpendicularity
A) Automotive air brake slack adjuster parts - Guide socket, Control arm, Thrust washer, Lock cover, Cover plate

B) Clutch accelerator brake pedal part Clutch pedal arm
A) Guide socket Concentricity maintained within 0.1 mm
B) Lock cover- 6 cone position maintained within 0.25 mm
Top plate, Bottom plate, Main plate, Rear box, Z-Bumper Plate, Washer, shifter bracket, Cap stab mounting bracket
A) Stamping up to 7 mm HR Material
Automotive Body
A) Fender, Sill Panel

B) Hood parts-Back plate assembly, Cargo, Reinforcement Panel, Hinge
A) High tonnage presses from 500T - 1500 T
Automotive body panels - Reinforcement front pillar hinge, Reinforcement dash, Pedal bracket mounting reinforcement, 2180
Automotive Chassis
Strut bar assembly, Bracket assembly pivot end spring, Bracket assembly lower control arm, Bump stop bracket, Front shock absorber bracket, Bracket Front bumper assembly, Cross Member, Reinforcement Side Member, Vertical steering column
A) Processed on hydraulic & high tonnage presses
Bearing Parts
Taper roller steel cages, inner & outer
A) Manufactured on SPM
B) Diameter range- from dia. 35 to 115 mm
C) GCR within 0.35 mm
D) Achieve zero defect
Automotive welded assemblies
Stud bar bracket assembly parts, Hood assembly parts, Links, Engine Mounting assembly parts, Top/Bottom Plate, CB Kit Bracket assembly parts
A) CO2 welding, spot welding & projection welding
Deep drawn components
Outer shells, Enginio ring, Clutch housing, sealing cup, Top cap, Shield, Contact tube
A) Max Deep Drawn component: 4" x 6" (150 mm)draw
B) Concentricity maintained within 0.2 mm
C) Drawn in CR & HR EDD, Al,Cu
Electrical switchgear & heavy panels
V-max & Base frame, Interlinking assembly Shield, Top cap, Contact tube, protective tube D-shape buss bar (Al) , Vent cover, Accessories for panel door -Tie rods, Bus bar clamp, Lifting hook, Arm right
A) Produced in AL, CR & HR, Cu, Stainless steel